Several life experiences shaped Linda’s values, passions and personal growth: 

     Linda is happily married to Dan MacDonald, Pastor of DuPont Community Presbyterian Church in DuPont, Washington. He has been in some form of ministry all of his adult life, including: nine years as a Chaplain with the Franciscan Health System, Young Life staff, nine years as a school teacher and chairman of the Bible department at King’s High School, pastoring two previous churches, teaching the Christian Life and Witness classes for the Billy Graham Association for seven years, and spending a couple of summers cleaning Bill Gates’ popcan-filled offices before Microsoft was famous.       

     Linda and Dan have four adult children, each of whom are married.  Together, they enjoy hiking, kayaking, musical theater, opera (especially when daughter, Jenny, is the “star”), reading good books together in their cozy family room with the fireplace on listening to classical guitar in the background, and keeping up their “bed and breakfast” home for family members who visit.  They thoroughly enjoy each other's company and like to take long drives, vacations, and ferry rides together. 

     Dan used to lead the worship band and small groups for Celebrate Recovery, and Linda sometimes made guest appearances at leaders’ retreats and parties for CR. Together they find fulfillment in personal solitude, teaching classes, and speaking for retreats.  

     Along with her rewarding vocation, Linda enjoys writing,  decorating, discussing theology with Dan’s family and politics with her brother.  She attributes her love for people to her mother's abiding love. Her grown kids continue to bless and amaze her in their gifts, choices, and relationships.  She loves spending time with her granddaughters, adult children  and their spouses, and celebrating holidays with her warm, vivacious extended family.
Growing up in a loving home despite her father’s battle with alcoholism
Coming to faith in Christ at age 5 and being tested in that faith for over half a 
Volunteering for Young Life in several capacities 
Good and bad church experiences
Inspired to write the play, Broken Heart and apply its lessons in real life 
Two bouts with situational depression, one year each 
Seeking and finding comfort and truth in the pages of scripture
The thrill of developing and teaching courses for lay counselors 
Taking the risk and cost to change professions in her thirties
Struggling with chronic back and headache pain for months, years
Raising two smart, rambunctious boys from kindergarten through college  
Losing the affections of a former cherished spouse 
Finding new love in Dan, with whom to share the empty nest years of her life
       Linda MacDonald was born in Seattle and grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  She graduated from Seattle Pacific University’s Marriage and Family Therapy program in 1988 and currently works in Gig Harbor as a counselor  at the Shepherd’s Center for Psychological Services.  She shares office space with a team of quality Christian colleagues. 

     Linda’s passion for counseling began at a young age, while her choice to do it as a vocation didn't occur until she was in her thirties.  She is grateful to be in a profession that never ceases to energize and challenge her.  Linda finds joy in learning new ways to help people resolve struggles in their relationships, gain new interpersonal skills, develop healthier ways to cope with the stresses of life, and helping people find mental and emotional wholeness to the highest degree possible.

     Her therapy style is active yet respectful, empathetic yet challenging, makes use of books and handouts, and seeks to empower clients to reach their goals for counseling.

     As a spiritually focused person, Linda has a genuine love for people and a tested belief in God’s ability, with their cooperation, to heal their hearts from the inevitable injuries of living in a fallen world.   

     She is most widely known for writing the one-act play, Broken Heart, used by Young Life, churches, and parachurch groups for audiences all over the world.

WANT TO FIND AN INFIDELITY SPECIALIST in your geographic area? Since publishing her book, How to Help Your Spouse Heal from Your Affair, she has received many requests from folks on how to find a therapist in their town or within driving distance. Click the link below to obtain a copy of her LETTER TO READERS that outlines ways to find such a counselor.