If you would like to arrange a payment plan with my billing service, please call or email Sonna with Staalbro Billing: 
(253) 248-4041    e-mail: staalbrobilling@gmail.com


In order to provide an affordable service for people seeking counseling, I work with most health insurance plans. Below is a list of plans for which I am "In Network" or who accept my services at their allowable rates. This generally means I have agreed to accept a lower reimbursement rate below my usual and customary fees. I do this as a service to my clients:

I also work as an "out of network" provider for many other insurances, which generally means they will pay a portion of my services, but often after the person's annual deductible is met:

Being in private practice means that I have higher overhead costs than I would if I was employed by an agency, hospital, or medical group. That is why I charge a fee for no-show appointments or late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice).

For similar reasons, there are some insurance companies, such as Cigna and Molina, that I am unable to work with due to their unusually low reimbursement rates. Otherwise I would not be able to make a reasonable living.  

Also, I am not eligible for Medicare or any form of Medicaid such as Apple Care or Molina. 

IMPORTANT: Health insurance companies only cover services that are deemed "medically necessary." That means counseling couples for pre-marital counseling, or communication skills is not generally covered. 

However, if one member of a pair is depressed, suffering from anxiety or trauma that has been caused or aggrivated by issues within the relationship, I may choose to see the individual and invite the spouse to accompany him/her to our sessions so the problem can be treated in its context. This usually means the therapy for the mental or emotional problem will progress faster and the results more lasting than if I met with the individual alone. That is why I chose to pursue special training as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Here is a list of my usual and customary fees for my services:

I offer extended sessions for private pay individuals who may be driving or flying in from a long distance and who need longer than usual sessions. This may also be needed for those who are dealing with complicated trauma or for anyone who needs more intensive therapy.

For example, if you have an extended total 80 minute session, the fee would be $146 ($120 + 13 min x $2)

I accept several options for paying for your co-pays and amounts due for my counseling or consulting services.