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Linda has written TWO books, which can be ordered from this page: How to Help Your Spouse Heal from Your Affair and, Who Will You Become?

Compact Book #1


If you have had an affair, but have regrets and hope to save your marriage, don’t let another mistake-ridden day go by without reading this mini-book!  If you want to have a chance to repair the damage before it’s too late, this mini-book is a “must- buy”.

Find out for yourself what the difference is between those who blow up their marriages in the aftermath an affair, and those who successfully manage to rebuild their marriages into a better-than-ever relationship.

How to Help Your Spouse Heal from Your Affair is filled with practical step-by-step tips to greatly increase your chances of reconciling with your spouse. You will also learn ways to help your spouse begin to heal and regain trust after the trauma of your affair.

This powerful book contains more insights and tools than is possible to gain in several expensive therapy appointments.

To Purchase the PAPERBACK version of How to Help Your Spouse Heal from Your Affair, from AMAZON.COM for $9.89 or the KINDLE version for $7.99, or the new AUDIO BOOK version, click on the paperback link above.

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“This is the most succinct collection of wisdom for helping the unfaithful that I have seen in my years of helping couples try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives after an affair.”

– Lance Brown, M.A., Minister of Care & Renewal, Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church

“Your material on helping spouses heal from an “Affair” was absolutely excellent. I have counseled for 25 years and found it well done, balanced and accurate.”

– Jim Velez M.S., M.A. L.P.C. , Portland, OR

Here are a few testimonials from actual people (names changed) who’ve found success through applying what they learned from this booklet:

“This [book] helped keep me from making destructive mistakes after my spouse found out about my affair. It also gave me the courage to be more open and honest, knowing that would help us heal faster.”  ~Susan

“Shortly after my wife and family found out about my year long affair, Linda’s mini-book: How To Help Your Spouse Heal From Your Affair, came to me, like a lifeline, at the most confusing and shocking time of my life.  I wanted nothing more than to save my marriage and there had been very little information directed toward me, to help me do my part. I found that the article, surprisingly, answered all of the questions that I had.  I read it daily for weeks and followed it, with full trust and blind faith.

“Some of the steps were incredibly difficult to go through, but I trusted that they would bring healing, and every time they proved effective.  All I can say now is that the path that the article put me on was God’s path for me and the healing of my spouse.  I am forever grateful for the insight that it has given me to climb out of the darkest days of my life, into the greatest time of our marriage.”  ~Greg

LOOKING FOR A LIKE-MINDED THERAPIST IN YOUR AREA? Click on the link below for a letter that Linda often sends to Readers inquiring about how to find a specialist who understands infidelity and other sexual acting-out issues: LETTER TO READERS-

Compact Book #2

This compact book is only available in an e-book format. It complements compact book #1 – especially if the unfaithful person is not on board yet with saving his/her marriage:

WHO WILL YOU BECOME ? – by Linda J. MacDonald

Over the years Linda has helped many people whose families were destroyed by a spouse’s or parent’s affair.  In reconstructing what happened, she has noticed that the carnage reverberates for generations, often with unhealed torment for the abandoned spouse, cemented character dysfunction for the betrayer, or repeat behavior by adult children of a cheating parent.

Just as Ebenezer Scrooge was enlightened by the Ghost of Christmas Future, Linda pondered whether there was a way to open the eyes of the tempted or unfaithful.  What if the ones involved in an affair could peer into the future and somehow see the damage they were creating, both within their own hearts and in the lives of their family members? What if they could realize how much their temporary, hormone-driven emotions were drawing them toward disaster, Before Leaping?

Perhaps they would apply the brakes of reason, peer ahead, and choose more wisely. This possibility is what motivated Linda to write this second mini-book, with the hope to deter such persons before it is too late.

As a therapist who has specialized in helping couples and individuals recover from infidelity for 27 years, Linda has read hundreds of books & articles on affairs and attended workshops by the best and brightest infidelity experts in the country.   She has noticed that little has been written to deter the titillated yet confused wayward partner from carrying out his/her fantasyland escape into the abyss of altered character and shattered relationships. Having observed the disastrous long-term ripple effect of marital betrayal and abandonment, Linda seeks to be a reasoned voice in the wilderness of enchanted yet deluded emotions. Hence the inspiration for writing Who Will You Become?

If you or a loved one is careening down the path of a dizzying affair, don’t pass up the opportunity to read or pass along this sobering 84-page mini-book – before another family is destroyed.

Note: This book includes more spiritual references than Linda’s other book. If you are turned off by references to God or the bible, check back later. Linda is working on a “secular” version of this e-book, as she wants to help anyone who is on the brink of harming loved ones and his/her own credibility beyond repair.


“I heartily recommend Who Will You Become? for those who are struggling with what to do if they are in an affair. I have shared Linda’s mini-book with numerous clients. Those who were open-minded, found motivation to halt their destructive, wayward path and do a u-turn back to work on their marriages. Betrayed spouses will find much comfort and understanding as well!”

~Ted Brackman, M.Div, M.A., LMCH, LMFT, Puyallup, WA

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