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Finding Tools to Repair the Double Devastation of Betrayal and Abandonment

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Double the Trauma. Double the Grief. Double the Shame. Tools for Recovery.

Saturday, October 26th

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Registration 9:30 a.m.)

$49 - including lunch

There are plenty of books about marital separation and divorce recovery. Many others about recovering from an affair - as a couple. Still others explore the difficulty of coping with a partner’s sex addiction. But few books or classes cover the mammoth effort it takes to recover after the double-whammy of intimate betrayal followed by spousal rejection (without a remorseful, empathetic partner to help you pick up the pieces).

First you lose the person’s loyalty. Then you lose their love.

How do you heal your heart and psyche after your worth as a man or woman has been crushed by a beloved life partner?

How do you rebuild your life after being betrayed and forsaken by the one who promised, “Til death do us part”?

Come, whether you are separated or fully divorced, and join a gathering of folks who’ve experienced both intimate betrayal followed by separation or divorce who are seeking strategies to recover from these life-altering events. You will gather new insights from infidelity expert, Linda J. MacDonald, why these twin traumas are so shattering and how to find emotional, spiritual and relational healing for your life.

You will learn about the unique challenges associated with overcoming the shame, trauma and grief of an affair-sparked divorce or separation.

  • What are the indicators we have the potential to reconcile? Or not?

  • What does genuine repentance look like?

  • Why does it feel like so few friends and family understand the depth of what you are going through?

  • How do you get over the shame you feel for having been betrayed and then rejected by a wayward spouse? Was it your fault?

  • Is your unfaithful spouse a narcissist? Or just temporarily delusional?

  • And what about yourself? How do you “get over” the shock, trauma, nightmares, triggers and enduring grief?

  • And where was GOD in all this?

These and other questions will be covered by Linda, as she wants folks to receive the kind of help, insights and tools she wished she had had when she was first going through her own marital crisis and loss nearly 20 years ago. She’s come a long way since then and is leading a peaceful, happy and fulfilling life. You can too!

Time will be allowed for you to interact with others, apply and process what you are learning. Workshop will include practical Christian resources that you can apply to your life. Space will be limited to 12 persons for more meaningful support and interaction.

Location: The Shepherd’s Center, 6626 Wagner Way NW, Suite 200, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Here is the LINK to find out more and sign up.


Click on the link to listen to the Podcast of Linda’s shorter version of her WORKSHOP, Recovering from the Shame of Divorce, which was featured at the Restoring Hearts Conference was held April 6th, 2019 in Bellevue, Washington.





“So take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen your weak knees. Mark out a straight path for your feet so that those who are weak and lame (who follow your path) will not fall but become strong.” Hebrews 12:12, 13


A Therapy/Support Group for women who are abandoned in the aftermath of an affair. This group acknowledges the unique devastation caused by an affair-sparked divorce. My goal is to help you help one another up the craggy path of recovering from the double trauma of intimate betrayal and abandonment and to help you discover the tools needed to heal. Gain the emotional, psychological, social and spiritual support you need to rebuild your shattered life.


DATE/TIME: Monthly, on Thursdays at 6:30 pm

FEE: $40 / week

HOW TO JOIN: write Linda at:




I enjoy presenting seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects. I am a lively presenter and especially enjoy settings that allow for audience participation. Below are some of my workshop titles, some of which may include a podcast of the workshop. I offer these throughout the year.

If you are interested in hiring me to present on one of these topics at your workplace or event, please contact me at

  • Healing the Root of Bitterness

  • Forgiving the Unforgivable

  • Forgiving Your Betrayer Without Betraying Yourself

  • Pre-Engagement seminars (6 week series)

  • Healing the Shame of Unwanted Divorce

  • Mind Over Mush: Healthy Dating (3 hrs)

  • Helpful Resources for Divorce Recovery

  • Finding a Hope and Future after Divorce

  • Healing from Betrayal & Abandonment (3 hrs)

  • Healthy Communication in Marriage

  • The “VOWS” Method of Conflict Resolution

  • Trusting God in Times of Hardship

  • Self-Care: Freedom from FOG (Fear, Obligation & Guilt)

  • Recovering from Betrayal with Class

  • The Trauma from the Drama [Post Traumatic Stress from intimate betrayal and abandonment]

  • Healing Abandonment Grief

  • Recovering from Infidelity: Healing Together

  • Recovering from Infidelity: Healing Alone

  • Forgiveness That Heals

  • Recovering from the Shame of a Post-Affair Divorce

  • The Healing Power of Apology