Linda J. MacDonald +1-(253) 858-2224, x224


Linda enjoys presenting seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects. She is a lively presenter and especially enjoys settings that allow for audience participation.    Below are some of her workshop titles, some of which may include a podcast of the workshop:


  • Healing the Root of Bitterness
  • Forgiving the Unforgivable
  • Pre-Engagement seminars (6 week series)
  • Healing the Shame of Unwanted Divorce
  • Grief Recovery
  • Mind Over Mush: Healthy Dating (3 hrs)
  • Helpful Resources for Divorce Recovery
  • Finding a Hope and Future after Divorce
  • Healing from Betrayal & Abandonment (3 hrs)
  • Healthy Communication in Marriage
  • The Healing Power of Apology
  • Trusting God in Times of Hardship
  • Self-Care: Freedom from FOG (Fear, Obligation & Guilt)
  • Recovering from Betrayal with Class
  • The Trauma from the Drama [Post Traumatic Stress from intimate betrayal and abandonment]
  • Healing Abandonment Grief
  • Recovering from Infidelity: Healing Together
  • Recovering from Infidelity: Healing Alone
  • Forgiveness That Heals
  • Recovering from the Shame of a Post-Affair Divorce