This page contains free resources such as websites to visit, book recommendations, and free articles. Come back for more additions!


reading lists

Below are several lists of books that I recommend on such topics as infidelity, divorce, and marriage. I often offer these annotated lists at my workshops. Click Below for lists of books on the topic you are interested in:


Books on Divorce Recovery, Christian & Secular


Meaningful Apology

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Online resources

Attached is a list of websites for folks looking for help with their marriages, infidelity recovery and sex addiction. Many contain information about conferences, lists of therapists, articles, coaching, retreats, and info on intensives. A mix of Christian and secular resources. Click HERE for list.



Although I have a few collections of my most requested handouts listed elsewhere for purchase, here are a few free articles for you to download and use for your reference and learning:

FOG chart (Fear, Obligation, & Guilt)

Signs of an Inappropriate Relationship

PTSD Symptom List