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Links to Counseling, Intensives, and Recovery Rescources


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The Shepherd’s Center Counseling:

[The Christian Counseling group Linda works with, Gig Harbor, WA.]

Woodland Pathways, sex addiction treatment, Tacoma, WA

The Family Center for Behavioral Health – Gig Harbor, WA

New Life Counseling Center, Gig Harbor, WA – sex addiction


Good website and blog on Complex Trauma:

Beyond Affairs Therapist locator – A national directory for anyone looking for a counselor who specializes in treating infidelity, for couples or individuals.

Willard Harley’s Website with loads of marriage articles.

Marriage saving ministry program – A terrific website full of great articles, podcasts, and resources for many years’ experience helping people recover after infidelity. Tim Tedder, a licensed mental health counselor with many years experience, hosts this website.

Extra-Marital Affairs Resource Center, Peggy Vaughn’s site. Many articles, resources for persons impacted by a spouse’s affair Also, place to locate small support groups for the betrayed: Beyond Affairs Network

Marriage Fitness, Inc.. Mort Fertel, a well-known expert on the psychology of relationships offers free articles and newsletters, as well as reasonably priced audio and tele-conference programs for help right in your own home, via your computer or telephone. He promises to offer worthwhile help, whether your spouse wants to participate or not.

The Center for Online Addiction

Tuff Stuff Ministries – seminars, resources for Christians seeking wholeness after intimate betrayal or addiction. Lead by Drs. Earl and Sandy Wilson, authors, seminar leaders.

New Hope Now – An online resource with many great articles on a variety of topics. Mostly from a Christian point of view.

Celebrate Recovery – for recovery from a variety of addictions, hurts, hangups. 12 step program based on the Beattitudes. Check here to find a group in your area.

Christian Network Forum for Sexual Health

International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals – Find a therapist near you who has been through this rigorous training for professionals treating sex addiction and those traumatized by it. Established by Patrick Carnes,

Prodigals International – a 12 step recovery program for those struggling with sex addiction and/or pornography compulsivity.

PureHOPE – help for the entire family touched by sexual addiction, trauma, and the trap of pornography addiction. Resources for protecting your computer available.

Pure Desire – Dr. Ted & Diane Roberts’ site for invaluable resources for couples and individuals impacted by sex addiction. Seminars, support groups. Faith-based help.

Pure Life Alliance – Portland area resources for churches and individuals looking for help and answers regarding sexual addiction, affair recovery. Especially helpful to click on the “Counselors” tab to find Portland counselors trained in various sex addictions/problems. You can network to the national network from here, too.

Affair Recovery Center – help for individuals and couples struggling with infidelity, founded by Rick Reynolds. Help for betrayer and the betrayed. Confidential online support groups, assessments.

Be Broken – A Woman’s Healing Journey, Marsha Means’ website for spouses traumatized by a partner’s or former spouse’s sex addiction. Coaching, online consulting and counseling available.

Beyond Affairs – Brian & Anne Bercht host this well-rounded website for recovering from affairs. Support groups, coaching, information.

Healing Infidelity Website. This website offers help for couples who are seeking healing from infidelity and want to learn from other successful or struggling couples. The authors have written a book telling their journey from betrayal to mending. Their website offers numerous useful resources. For their blog, click below:

Emotional Affair Journey –  Doug and Linda are experienced leaders in the affair recovery movement. They have many resources, articles, programs. newsletters and a blog that are very helpful for either one or both partners after a physical or emotional affair.

Infidelity Counseling Network – A non-profit organization formed to offer peer support for those struggling with intimate betrayal. Trained volunteers who have experienced the same, offer their time to talk and support injured spouses by telephone.

Divorce Busting – Michelle Weiner-Davis’ website, helping couples on the brink avoid divorce.

Faithful and True Ministries – ministry of Dr. Mark & Debbie Laaser geared for recovery from compulsive sex, affairs, as well as spousal recovery.

Hope After Betrayal – help for women impacted by a partner’s sexual acting out, headed by Meg Wilson.

New Life Partners – online resource for women impacted by a loved one’s sex addiction and/or pornography use.

Pure Intimacy – ministry for those struggling with or affected by sexual brokenness, sponsored by Focus on the Family.

Christian Counsel Clinics – Therapist Rob Jackson offers a variety of venues for helping adolescents and adults with struggles related to sex addiction. Phone consults, intensive out-patient treatment.

Pure Life Ministries – ministry for those impacted by sexual sin, headed by Steve & Kathy Gallagher.

Wifeboat – online ministry for wives of sex addicts/unfaithful spouses.

Celebrate Recovery – Gig Harbor – Main gathering at Chapel Hill Church,
7700 Skansie Drive, Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 8:45

Celebrate Recovery – Port Orchard – Adventure of Faith Church,
4705 Jackson Ave SE. Mondays – 7:00-10:00 PM -> Patricia Kleist

Pure Desire – Various locations. Support groups for men dealing with sex addiction or other sexual integrity issues and small group support for wives.

Prodigals Homecoming (for men) – Find a group

Partners in Process (for wives) – Find a group

S-Anon – for family members of sex addicts.

Beyond Affairs Network “BAN” – for spouses wounded by a partner’s affair
Seattle – e-mail:
Tacoma – e-mail:

The Hideaway Experience, Amarillo, Texas – Offers 4 day marriage intensives involving up to 30 hours of therapy with two other couples and a pair of expert marriage therapists. Therapists are all Christians and thoroughly professional. Highly recommended.

EMS Weekend, Austin, Texas – Offers a 3 day couples’ intensive for folks seeking to recover from infidelity, led by infidelity expert, Rick Reynolds, LCSW. The three days include teaching, workshops from infidelity experts as well as providing a marriage mentor for you and follow up help.

Passionate Life Seminars, Blaine, Washington, with Anne and Brian Bercht.
This couple have become affair recovery specialists and offer 2 or 3 day private coaching intensives, easy to get to from either Seattle, Bellingham, or lower British Columbia. They have “been there” themselves and mentored by some of the best infidelity experts in the field.

Amore Retreat Idyllwild – A romantic couples’ intensive in the beautiful mountains of Southern California. Receive personal attention, tools and counseling with a well-known highly respected marriage therapist, Dr. Wylie, who has 30 years’ experience helping couples in crisis. While many marriage intensives cater to groups of couples, this is your chance for individual attention to your own marriage.

Hope Restored Marriage Intensives – Customized intensive programs take you away from distractions and routines and allow the two of you to escape to the tranquility of the Branson Retreat Center in Branson, Missouri or WinShape Marriage Retreat Center in Rome, Georgia. These programs are all inclusive, extended periods of counseling time over multiple days which allow our team of marriage counselors to get to the root of the problem.

Smalley Intensives – Various locations. Begun by Gary Smalley along with Michael and Amey Smalley, these intensives have grown to include highly trained Christian professional therapists. Listed below are several Christian marriage intensive options:

Heart to Heart Counseling Center – Dr. Doug Weiss offers 3-Day Intensives and Telephone Counseling in his Colorado Springs, Colorado office. He also speaks internationally on men’s, women’s, and couples issues. Much of his work centers around recovering from the impact of sex addiction. Phone: 719-278-3708

The Clearing – 4-day marriage intensives. While participants of all faiths are welcome, the therapists personally come from a Christian perspective. Approach is based on the book The DNA of Relationships for Couples, by Dr. Greg Smalley and Dr. Robert S. Paul. This book provides an in-depth look at what takes place in an Intensive, drawn from the well of their experience in facilitating healing in the marriages of participating couples.

Marble Retreat Center – 8 day retreat intensive for couples in ministry. Combination of individual counseling and group counseling with others in full time ministry. Modeled after the Intensive Psychotherapy Center at the Mayo Clinics. Located in Colorado.

Haven of Safety – The Haven of Safety Intensives and Seminars give couples the much needed ‘jump-start’ to changing the negative ways of relating and fostering an emotionally connected marriage. Dr. Sharon Morris May uses Emotionally Focused Therapy as her approach. San Marino, California.

Emergency Marital Seminars – Educational weekend retreat/seminars to help with the initial stages of discovery of a partner’s affair. Taught by Rick Reynolds, LCSW, has over 20 years experience helping couples recover from infidelity.

Faithful and True Ministries – Help for couples, men, women stuggling with sex addiction or the aftermath of affairs. Intensives are facilitated by Dr. Mark and Debbie Laaser along with Dr. Greg and Beth Miller. Phone: 952-746-3880

International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals – A training center for professionals founded by Patrick Carnes. This website lists numerous in-patient treatment facilities for persons caught in the throes of sex addiction.

Life Counseling Center – Life Counseling Center has become a regional leader on the East Coast in the treatment of sexual addiction and related issues. Their focus is to offer a professional clinical/Christian approach to counseling both to the sexual addict as well as to those affected by the disorder. They offer Intensive Outpatient services.

Stone Gate – Biblical Intensive Counseling – Offers a seven-day intensive program that includes private counseling, seminars, lectures, and guided study. All counseling and teaching is done by Dr. Schaumburg personally.

Hope and Healing – Gary and Mona Shriver’s ministry, devoted entirely to helping couples who have experienced the heartache of adultery. Hope & Healing was founded and designed by two couples who wanted to support, encourage, offer hope and provide practical strategies for couples willing to grow through this crisis in their marriage. They offer weekend intensives around the United States, but most often in California. website Features numerous drug and alcohol treatment centers across the country. Makes it easy to discover options for you or a loved one.

Rehab Center : This website is a resource for finding a treatment center that may be right for your situation. They carry a list of centers listed by state. They also have many insightful articles on addiction that you may find very helpful.

Drug Rehab Connections : This is not a recovery center, but a drug resource for finding INFORMATION and accurate information is empowering. They can also steer you toward many other resources such as treatment centers in many geographic locations.

Drug Rehab Website: Allows people to browse various treatment programs, customized based upon the specific addiction that someone needs help with.

Grace Recovery Center – Christian based program in Tacoma/Puyallup area of Washington State. 1-877-305-2637 ,

Casteele, Williams & Associates – A certified outpatient treatment center for chemical dependency and domestic violence. Offers many programs. Located in Tacoma, Washington. Christian counseling available.

Lakeside Milam Outpatient Treatment :

Hazeldon at Springbrook, Newberg, Oregon Top-notch in-patient chemical dependency treatment center [advantages: advanced degreed professionals, includes facility for detox, superb reputation]

Sundown Ranch rehab center, Washington State [recommended for mandated treatment or for out of state applicants – too easy for addicts to network with other local addicts when released]

Teen Challenge, faith-based recovery program, 12 – 14 months [scholarships available, very effective for long-term results. Web page below is for the directory of all locations; scroll down for Washington State locations]

Addiction Helper – International An online resource site for articles, treatment centers, useful articles on addiction. This site is expecially useful for those looking for international treatment centers.

Focus on the Family – has a list of Christian treatment centers across the U.S..

Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Michigan :

TROSA – A residential treatment program that incorporates work and creative activities incorporates work and creative activities in its curriculum. Participants make a 2 year commitment and are able to work off their tuition.

Beginning Experience, a Tacoma area, faith-based retreat for dealing with loss of spouse through death or divorce

Beginning Experience, USA – national headquarters

Northwest Behavioral Healthcare Services – a residential treatment center for troubled youth, located in Oregon. Oregon laws allow for involuntary commitment of teens who are a danger to themselves or others.

Remuda Ranch for Eating Disorders, in-patient program. [faith based treatment available]

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